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Case Study: Ruby Memorial Hospital

How did Carl Walker Construction, Inc.’s hybrid steel design vertically expand an existing precast concrete garage that wasn’t designed for future expansion?


To accommodate a growing need for parking, and to provide emergency vehicles with covered, direct access to its Emergency Room, Ruby Memorial Hospital, the teaching hospital affiliated with West Virginia University Medical School, contracted with Carl Walker Construction, Inc. to build a precast concrete parking garage adjacent to the hospital in 2003. 

Within two years of the parking structure’s completion, the hospital constructed a new cancer center on adjoining land that was previously used for surface parking. In a very short period of time, it became clear that the 225-space parking garage was not large enough to handle the increased demand for parking.
The hospital contacted Carl Walker Construction, Inc. in 2006 and challenged them to create an expansion strategy for the existing parking garage that would provide an additional 105 spaces. Since the original parking garage foundations were not designed to accommodate vertical expansion with precast components, Carl Walker Construction, Inc. created a unique hybrid expansion plan that married the existing precast structure with an additional steel-framed, cast-in-place concrete post-tensioned deck. The spine of eight central supports within the garage was augmented with eight additional cast-in-place concrete columns that were tied into the garages existing grade beams. The columns were extended through the parking levels to the top floor of the garage, and were attached to the structural steel framing that supported the concrete post-tensioned deck. The deck surfaces were poured in place, and the precast concrete elevator tower was extended to serve the new level of the parking garage.

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“We work closely with Carl Walker Construction, Inc. and take their opinion seriously when they offer advice on parking garages. They provided valuable technical assistance during the recent expansion of our parking structure. It has been an excellent relationship. If I were to rate Carl Walker Construction, Inc.’s craftsmanship and field management skills, I’d give them a 9 out of 10.”
Josh Clovis
Project Manager
Planning Design and Construction Department
Ruby Memorial Hospital.