St. Clair Hospital Employee Garage

In October of 2017, Carl Walker Construction, Inc. was contracted to design/build a 410-car garage for St. Clair Hospital located in Mt. Lebanon, a suburb south of Pittsburgh, PA. The garage will add an additional 295 spaces to the hospital’s parking quota. The garage is intended for employee parking which will free up space in their existing attached garage for patients’ convenience at this busy hospital location.

The new garage was designed with cast in place concrete foundations that CWC performed in house. St. Clair’s superstructure was a pre-cast design with concrete, beams, columns, walls, stairs and double tees being shipped in and erected on site. The exterior wall panels have a brick form and dyed concrete aesthetic which has the appearance of brick but is cast integrally with the concrete walls by use of stamped forms. CWC installed all of the cast-in-place washes and cross-overs, the joint sealant, deck coating, and sealer for a complete waterproofing envelope with all of its own in house labor. The grade level will be asphalt paving which will extend beyond the garage’s footprint for future expansion.

The garage will be turned over to the hospital in mid-May of 2018, which is a total seven month duration for design, construction, finishes, and turn-over. Providing increased parking within this fast-track approach will enable the hospital to schedule larger future expansion projects for the main hospital without delay, providing increased services to the local community. This design also allows owners to enhance the look of the deck for a reduced cost versus traditional masonry or thin brick style facades. The brick form approach ultimately reduces schedule time and costs by shipping the panels in their final aesthetic, eliminating costly maintenance of traditional masonry work.

This parking structure was designed to fit on a sloped lot that was previously cut for on grade parking, therefore, CWC had to design the garage to connect the upper and lower surface lots by increasing roof level by an additional bay. Doing so will help to regulate traffic flow by allowing traffic to enter from either grade level or roof level.

Project Highlights
Industry – Medical
Location – Pittsburgh, PA
– 410-space parking completed in under 8 months
– Supported area of 90,000 sq.ft.- Pre-cast exterior with brick-form wall panels
– Designed/built to accommodate future expansion