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Case Study: The Meadows Racetrack and Casino Parking Garage


In May of 2009, Carl Walker Construction completed work on a $13.6 million, five-story, 1,000-car parking garage at The Meadows Racetrack & Casino in Washington, Pennsylvania. The new 327,000 square-foot garage was a Design/Build project that incorporated a pre-stressed, precast concrete frame and cast-in-place deck surfaces. The new garage joins the casino at a shared column line. It is owned by Cannery Casino Resorts.



The Meadows parking garage worksite was turned over three months behind schedule, which pushed erection and concrete installation well into the winter months. In addition, to emulate the design of the casino – which was clad in stucco-like Dryvit – the client requested that similar material be used on the exterior surfaces of the parking structure.



To meet the non-negotiable client deadline for completion, Carl Walker Construction added additional shifts, worked weekends and implemented innovative cold weather concrete installation techniques to accelerate the construction process.


To facilitate the installation of slab-on-grade concrete during the winter months, Carl Walker Construction rented a Thawzall system that defrosted frozen ground to a depth of 30 inches. The company also utilized electric heating mats to warm the concrete in the precast sections. This allowed concrete washes and crossovers to be installed, despite inclement weather. Using the heating equipment, Carl Walker Construction was able to successfully pour concrete throughout the winter and maintain the construction schedule. This made it possible for the company to turn the garage over to the client for a certificate of occupancy by April 1, 2009.


For the exterior surfaces of the parking structure, due to cost and durability concerns, Carl Walker Construction and Sherwin Williams partnered to propose, develop and apply a three-coat, high-build elastomeric paint system that delivered the appearance the client was seeking. Considerably more durable than Dryvit and less expensive, this paint system saved the owner approximately $300,000. The innovative exterior elastomeric finishing system was applied on-site to plain, precast façade panels that were free from texture or architectural detail. Once the exterior façade panels were installed and pressure washed, the finishing system was applied. The completed product delivered an exact match in both color and texture to the Dryvit system.


Cannery Casino Resorts is extremely pleased with their new parking structure and were also impressed with the outcome of Carl Walker Construction’s Design/Build process that produced an attractive parking structure, on time and within budget.


Integration of Green Building Practices

The Meadows Parking Garage utilized environmentally friendly precast concrete for all structural members and driving surfaces. All reinforcement material used within the precast members was manufactured from recycled steel.

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