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Case Study: InterPark Inc.

How did Carl Walker Construction, Inc. improve the appearance and functionality of 3 existing downtown garages in one of America’s Most Livable Cities?

InterPark Inc., a nationally recognized owner and operator of parking garages, needed to do significant work on the three parking structures it owned in downtown Pittsburgh. Two of the parking structures – the Stanwix Garage and the Allies Garage – needed significant restoration, and the third – the Sixth and Fort Duquesne Garage – was to undergo a major facelift to improve its appearance when viewed from the city’s new baseball park, PNC Park.

The Stanwix Garage required a total rehabilitation that involved removing a deteriorating and dangerous cantilevered exterior ramp. The ramp had to be removed, however, without disrupting either the businesses operating in spaces on the garage’s street level, or the residential apartments and offices above the garage. Removing the ramp also made it necessary to completely reconfigure the traffic flow within the garage to facilitate exit. At the Allies garage, significant concrete restoration and waterproofing needed to be performed while the garage remained in operation. And at the Sixth and Fort Duquesne parking structure, new exterior components needed to be installed and the entire structure had to be completely repainted prior to opening day of the new baseball season.  In addition, the garage’s internal stairwells required significant refreshing to make them more appealing to garage patrons.

At the Stanwix parking garage, Carl Walker Construction, Inc. worked closely with architects, Desmond & Associates and engineers from InterPark to devise a strategy for systematically demolishing the cantilevered ramp that loomed over Stanwix Street, a major downtown artery.  The concrete roof over the structure was dropped on the existing ramp and then removed. The driving surface of the ramp was removed next, followed by removal of the deteriorated structural steel supports.  Within the garage, new crossovers between floors were installed to facilitate two-way traffic within the garage itself, and concrete restoration and waterproofing were performed. 

At the Allies garage, the parking surfaces on all levels of the garage were systematically restored and waterproofed.  Leaseholders were directed to areas of the garage that had either been completely restored or awaited restoration. 

At the Sixth and Fort Duquesne parking garage, sections of the existing paneled façade were removed and backlit panels – designed to resemble the appearance of windows – were installed in their place. The parking structure’s mustard-colored exterior panels were then painted a dark cobalt blue to coordinate with the colors used in the baseball stadium, which was located directly across the Allegheny River from the garage. On the interior, the stairwells were updated and ramps were installed to make the garage more attractive to patrons.

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“The quality of Carl Walker Construction, Inc.’s craftsmanship is very high, and I’m extremely satisfied with the work they’ve done. They don’t need a lot of supervision and they get the job done right. I recommend them without hesitation.”

Tom Delaney
Vice President, Construction and Engineering
InterPark Inc.