Carl Walker Construction



Some parking structures are built using the design/bid/build strategy.

In this situation, Carl Walker Construction, Inc. is provided with the plans for a parking garage or parking structure that have been developed by an architect or an engineering firm. We provide a bid that details the cost of all construction activities related to the construction of the parking garage.

When Is Design/Bid/Build Used?

The design/bid/build approach is best suited to projects where:

  • Owners want to have a parking structure completely designed and priced prior to undertaking the construction process
  • The parking garage or parking structure is an integral part of a more complex, multi-use project

In a design/bid/build situation, the owner of the project hires an architectural or engineering firm to handle design functions and develop the construction documents and specifications. The documents and specifications are put out to bid, and general contractors provide their best price to execute construction activities. The lowest bidding general contractor normally is the one that gets the assignment. The decision is typically based solely on price.

In a design/bid/build situation, the client is responsible for overseeing the activities of the general contractor selected to build the project.

In a design/bid/build situation, the interests of the owner and the selected general contractor may not align, as the contractor’s sole responsibility is to construct the project in strict accordance with the contract documents where were warranted by the owner to be complete and correct in every respect.