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Case Study: Penn State University - Behrend College

How will this 180-space garage grow to 400 spaces to accommodate the university’s projected growth?

To accommodate a growing need for parking on campus, leaders at Penn State University Behrend College realized they needed to build a parking structure that would address current, as well as future parking requirements. The garage had to be centrally located on the Erie, Pennsylvania campus to serve the needs of the school’s 165,000 square foot Research and Economic Development Center.

To meet the college’s schedule requirements and accommodate the demands of the academic year, the garage had to be constructed within 12 months. Construction activities also needed to be conducted during the winter months, which posed significant challenges due to the school’s location in the Western Pennsylvania snow belts.

Carl Walker Construction, Inc. began construction on the 180-space precast concrete garage in the late summer of 2006. Preliminary site work preceded erection of the precast concrete components. While inclement weather significantly hindered construction activities and slowed project progress in the early months of 2007, the company was able to accelerate work and open the majority of the garage to vehicle traffic in August, 2007.   Final work on the parking structure was completed in November 2007.

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“Although several factors caused project delays, Carl Walker Construction, Inc. – and in particular, Len Tsupros – worked with us to accelerate the construction schedule, which allowed us to begin using the garage in August of 2007. Len was businesslike and very fair to work with, and the firm’s craftsmanship and field management services were solid. In particular, the installation of the precast components of the garage was handled in an extremely efficient manner.”
Bruce Rohrbach
Project Manager, Western Region
Commonwealth Services Division
Office of Physical Plant
Penn State University